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Feel Good Minimiser

Feel Good Minimalism

Being minimalist can be good for your bank balance, the environment and keep your space looking clean and uncluttered (did someone say, Hoarders!?)

Going ‘old school’ replacing single-use items with their more traditional equivalents, and being mindful of waste, is a part of the zero-waste movement that has been gaining momentum over the past decade.



  • Use handkerchiefs instead of tissues, and before we go into the ‘real cost’ between the two, if you’re hardcore you can make your own by cutting up soft old clothes that would be going to charity otherwise.
  • Save coffee jars for jams and other preserves. Washed and sterilised of course.
  • Composting veggie scraps to use as a soil improver.



  • I use an old sideboard for a TV stand, I just removed the hutch and voila! Saves time, money, and landfill!



  • Got a hole in your tent or inflatable kayak? Stitch/ patch it up instead of getting a new one.



  • Borrowing is a great idea if you’re “thinking” of jumping into a new hobby or venture sight unseen, borrow the gear first to see if you really like it.
  • Borrowing is also wonderful for something you may only need to use once a year like a trailer or a tool.




The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network is a beautiful not for profit community where you can ask for items you need and donate your own items to people in need.

Check out your local Freecycle today!

This really showcases the power of community. We once helped get a brand-new mattress that didn’t suit the old owner to newly arrived immigrants who were sleeping on a ripped up futon. These people were blown away that an organisation of citizens such as this existed.

What ideas do you have?



Michelle Stone t/a Feel Good Financial Planning is an Authorised Representative of RI Advice Group Pty Ltd AFSL 238429.

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