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Editorial September 2020 – Helping your children form healthy money habits

A few healthy habits could set your children up for a more financially secure future. Research shows that parents’ actions affect their children’s behaviour and the effects can last into adulthood. This puts the onus on parents to help their children develop the skills and behaviours to make smart financial decisions – from learning about the importance of saving to the power of compounding interest.

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Market Wrap August 2020: The recovery rally marches on

Global shares rose 3.3% and 0.6% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. Emerging markets continued to rally (up 4.6%) driven by stronger economic data in China with business surveys such as the Caixin PMI pointing to stronger improvement while June quarter GDP showed a sharp bounce back into positive territory.

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Editorial August 2020 – Life is expensive, and that’s not changing

If you are worried about the rising cost of living expenses and are not seeing any wage increases, then it’s time to get organised with your finances, set a realistic budget, work out what you can do without and where you can invest to save.

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Market Wrap July 2020: The recovery rally marches on

Global shares rose 2.3% and fell -1.1% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. Emerging markets bounced back strongly (up 3.5%) driven by stronger economic data in China with business surveys such as the Caixin PMI seeing a return to growth continue for Chinese businesses.

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Editorial July 2020 – Having enough in retirement

At some point you will retire. Many of us hope that is sooner, rather than later. We hope that we can retire with enough life left in us to enjoy all the things that took a backseat during our working years. We want enough money to be comfortable and safe in the knowledge we won’t run out of money and have to go back to work, unless of course we want to.

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Market Wrap June 2020: A recovery rally marches on

Global shares rose 4.7% and 3.4% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively.

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Editorial June 2020 – Make technology work for you

Are you a new technology pioneer, or a proud ‘technophobe’? Wherever you sit on the digital spectrum, the transformative power of technology is undeniable. What’s important is how you harness it.

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Market Wrap May 2020: A relief rally for (most) markets

Global shares rose 10% and 3.6% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. Emerging markets were relative underperformers (up 2%) as their currencies remained under pressure during the month with the Australian dollar appreciating against the Chinese Yuan, Brazilian Real and others. Factors such as sizeable coronavirus outbreaks in emerging markets (excluding China) played a contributory role.

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inTouch Q2 2020

Over the last 20 years, since 1999, the percentage of Australians age 65 years or over increased from 12.3% to 15.9%.

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Editorial May 2020 – Market volatility and your portfolio

Take a long-term view. Investment results tend to vary more widely when you just consider the returns over a period of one year. Ten-year returns are generally much more stable and a lot more predictable as can be seen in the chart below.

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